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all pros realty all pros real estateWhy do we have the best commission in town?

Because we offer more.

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1. 100% Commission Plan 2. 100% with Property Management 3. 85/15 % Commission 4. 70/30% Commission 5. 60/40% Commission (New Homes & Leads) 6. Team Commission 7. New Agent Commission

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8. Top Rated IDX Website with your own URL 9. Top Rated CRM, Drip campaign, Texting, etc. 10. Social Media Marketing, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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11. Electronic Signatures 12. MLS Training 13. Contract & Listing Training

Training by # 1 Professionals, Builder, Developer

14. How to Negotiate 15. Property Management Training 16. New Home Sales, Floor Plan Training 17. Investor Training, Flipping, Buying, Selling 18. Basic How to Buy & develop land 19. Basic of wholesaling
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At All/Pros our Agents have necessary tools to invest in themselves and invest in real estate. To be successful in this business you need to know the art of negotiation when listing and selling or closing a deal. That is one reason why All/Pros is the Smart Choice when looking for a your next new home in real estate.

                                   Win Sasse  757-646-5263                              James Davis 757-389-2230
                                      Principal Broker                                                Managing Broker